Yoga Therapy International Core Faculty

Our Core Faculty are responsible for the delivery and assessment of each of the courses listed on the Program Overview. We are all leaders in the field of Yoga Therapy internationally but also are specialists in East-West fields of study including Anatomy & Physiology; Counselling Psychology; Education/Pedagogy; Western Medicine; Yoga Philosophy; Vedic Chanting; and Ayurveda. Our Core faculty are from both North America and India, creating a bridge between the East-West practice of Yoga Therapy.

Maggie Reagh, Founding Director of Yoga Therapy International

Maggie Reagh, BA in Classical Philosophy, MA in Teaching, CYT, E-RYT 500 began studying Yoga at age 3 with her Mother guided by TV’s, Karen Zebroff. She resumed her practice of Yoga in her twenties after a pre-professional career in Modern dance came to an abrupt end due to lower back, neck, and knee pain. Pattabhi Jois’ Astanga Vinyasa practice brought her to Mysore, India in 2000 to study asana, pranayama and philosophy with BNS Iyengar at the Parakala Mutt where Krishnamacharya did his Vedic studies in the early 20th century.

Searching for the source of Krishnamacharya’s work and looking for deeper healing from severe osteoarthritis and scoliosis as well as chronic anxiety and depression brought her to Chennai, India in 2001 to study at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India with the TKV Desikachar family.

With TKV Desikachar’s blessings at his father’s shrine, she started teaching Therapeutic Yoga in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada at Capilano University, where she is also faculty and the Program Coordinator of English for Academic Purposes.

She went on to study with Gary and Mirka Kraftsow at the American Viniyoga Institute on Maui, Hawaii to learn how this work has been adapted for Westerners in group situations.

In 2003, she started studying with senior Iyengar-based teachers including Gioia Irwin, Lindsay Whalen, and more recently Elise Browning Miller. She continues to refine her knowledge of alignment, props and restorative poses, incorporating this knowledge into her TKV Desikachar-based approach to Yoga Therapy.

Since 2001, Maggie has been continuing her studies in Yoga Therapy, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Vedic chanting, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with her beloved teachers in Chennai, India, D.V. Sridhar, Viji Vasu, and Radha Sridhar at Yoga Raksanam. She has also been continuing her studies in Ayurvedic medicine with Dr. B Ganesh at Ayu Wellness Clinic in Chennai. She is delighted to have her therapist trainees study directly with such senior teachers in the Krishnamacharya lineage.

Encouraged by her teachers, in 2009, she started Yoga Therapy International as Registered Yoga School of Yoga Alliance and now Accredited School of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

In the CYT 1000, Maggie teaches courses on Yoga Philosophy; Ayurveda; Therapeutic & Teaching Skills; Yoga Therapy Practices; Providing Yoga Therapy; and Professional Practice. She is also the Practicum and Distance Learning Supervisor as well as the Founding Director of Yoga Therapy International (YTI).


Danielle Schroeder MA, CCC, RYT 200 – Cancer

Danielle Schroeder MA, CCC, RYT 200 works as both a Clinical Counsellor and Yoga Teacher. In her counselling work, Danielle has worked extensively in the areas of cancer care, palliative care, and grief and loss.

At present, she works with Callanish Society in Vancouver which is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the emotional and spiritual health of individuals and families affected by cancer through weeklong retreats and ongoing support programs. She also has a part-time private practice in North Vancouver. Danielle incorporates a holistic, integrated approach to counselling and psychotherapy which can include talking therapy, body-centered practices, as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Danielle has also been practicing Yoga since 1999 and started teaching in 2005 after completing her 200hr teaching training program with Mary-Jo Fetterley at Trinity Yoga. Although she initially focused her teaching on public Hatha style classes, she gradually specialized her teaching into her work with people living with cancer. Over the years, she has seen the benefits that Yoga can provide for people living with so much uncertainty in their lives. The practice can become an outlet that helps people face all aspects of themselves (body, heart, and mind) moment to moment, exactly as they are, with more honesty, clarity, and compassion.

Contact Danielle at yellaschroeder[at]gmail[dot]com

DV Sridhar

DV Sridhar, B.E., MTech in Engineering (IIT), Diploma in Yoga (KYM), CYT, E-RYT 500 worked in the corporate world for over 15 yearsbefore becoming a Yoga teacher over 25 years ago. After completing a Diploma in Yoga from the KYM (Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram), he was a Yoga Therapist for 12 years and the Director of Yoga Studies at the KYM. During his tenure, Sridhar organised many seminars for international students on a variety of subjects. His responsibilities included training teachers/therapists by conducting two-year post-graduate courses in Yoga.

Sridhar has travelled widely to countries such as Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa, training Yoga teachers and therapists. He has been a full-time Yoga teacher/therapist/teacher trainer at his Registered Yoga School (RYS), Yoga Raksanam in Chennai, India since 2002.

For Yoga Therapy International's CYT 1000 program, Sridhar teaches Yoga Philosophy, Therapeutic and Teaching Skills, and Providing Private Yoga Therapy in Chennai, India.

Contact Sridhar at

Neil Pearson, Anatomy and Physiology for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Neil Pearson MSc, BScPT, BA-BPHE, CYT, RYT500  is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC, a pain educator, and a leader in the fields of physiotherapy and yoga therapy pain care. He shares his knowledge and experience as a faculty member in four international yoga therapy training programs, and through his Pain Care Yoga certification process.

Neil is the Founding Chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division, the 2012 recipient of the Canadian Pain Society's Excellence in Interprofessional Pain Education Award, a board member of Pain BC, and recipient of the BC Physio's Excellence in Clinical Practice Contribution award. 

Neil's clinical work in Penticton is exclusively with people with complex and persistent pain. He offers treatment, education and yoga therapy services throughout BC, Canada and internationally.

In Yoga Therapy International's CYT 1000 program, Neil is teaching Anatomy and Physiology for Musculosketal Conditions, a Specialist Mentor on Chronic Pain, and a Research Mentor for the Directed Studies Capstone Course.

Contact Neil at OR 250.486.5056

Radha Sridhar

Radha Sridhar, B. Commerce, LLB, Diploma in Yoga (KYM), CYT, E-RYT 500 worked primarily in Human Resources for over 18 years.


She completed her Diploma in Yoga from the KYM and worked as a senior Consultant and full time Yoga teacher at the KYM for 10 years. Radha has taught theory and practical Yoga classes for KYM Diploma local students as well as international students.

Since 2002, she has been a full-time Yoga teacher/therapist/teacher trainee at Yoga Raksanam, specializing in VedicChanting. She also teaches at public schools and sports clubs in Chennai, India.

For Yoga Therapy International's CYT 1000 program, Radha teaches Therapeutic and Teaching Skills and Providing Private Yoga Therapy.

Contact Radha at


Tracy Dignum BSc (Physiotherapy), MEd, MSc (Rehabilitation Science), Mindfulness Meditation Teacher/Researcher – A&P for Systemic Conditions

Tracy Dignum, BSc, MEd, MSc, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher/Researcher – A&P for Systemic Conditions: Tracy has been a practicing physiotherapist for over 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal and neurological clinical contexts. Her clinical practice has primarily involved orthopedic injuries and post-surgical interventions as well as neurological rehabilitation of individuals with stroke and cognitive impairment. She received her physiotherapy training at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Tracy began teaching at Capilano University in 2004, and while instructing anatomy and physiology to her students, she began exploring ways to optimize learning and retention. She completed a Master of Education degree in 2011 through Memorial University with research in this area and has provided many workshops and training sessions on optimizing instruction and memory, including a TEDx talk in 2013. 

This inquiry revealed that mindful meditation is a highly effective approach to impact cognitive function. Tracy began to practice meditation and attended several retreats before travelling to Ireland in 2015 to complete intensive mindful meditation training through the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Centre for Mindfulness.

Realizing the potential of mindfulness, Tracy began to explore research relating it to her physiotherapy clinical practice. Finding little in terms of randomized clinical trials in this area, Tracy joined the Aging, Mobility and Cognitive Neurosciences lab at the University of British Columbia as a graduate student to conduct her research.

Tracy completed a clinical trial with individuals who had experienced a stroke and looked at physical and cognitive outcomes of combining mindful meditation with balance retraining physiotherapy programs, which provided early support for the feasibility of this combination of interventions. Her investigation also revealed the therapeutic potential of both tai chi and yoga for cognitive benefits, which confirmed Tracy’s beliefs as she has been practicing yoga for over a decade.

Viji Vasu

Viji Vasus, BEd, MEd, Diploma in Yoga (KYM), CYT, E-RYT 500 was teaching at a prestigeous school in Chennai, India for 14 years before completing her Diploma in Yoga from the KYM where she worked as a senior Yoga therapist and Yoga teacher for 13 years.

Viji has taught extensively both Indian and foreign students. She is fond of Vedic chanting, incorporating
the chanting with all her teaching. Viji has been the Director of Academics at Yoga Raksanam since 2002.

For Yoga Therapy International's CYT 1000 program,  Viji teaches Yoga Philosophy and Providing Private Yoga Therapy.