CYT 1000 Term 2 - Chennai, India

Yoga Therapy Students in India

In Term 2, you will be introduced to private Yoga Therapy. Private Yoga therapy is focussed on managing a wide range of physical-emotional conditions by using a breath-chanting-meditation approach from the Sri T. Krishnamacharya lineage.

You will also have advanced Yoga Philosophy classes in the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutra-s for your development as Yogi first and as Therapist second.

Term 2 Practicum:
43 Distance Learning (DL) & Residential Learning (RL) Hours

Non-Residential Group Delivery DL:
30 Hours – March to May 2022

Online Practicum Supervision RL:
Hours - March to May 2022

Case Documentation DL:
Hours – March to May 2022

Begin to Develop the Skills to:

  • India Faculty in Chennai India - YTI Yoga Therapy Training Term 1assess, design, and deliver private Yoga Therapy sessions
  • create short, therapeutic sequences for a wide range of minor physical-emotional conditions and chronic conditions, including the 8-limbs of Yoga
  • modify classical Yoga practices using chairs and other props for private students, managing the symptoms of a wide range of physical-emotional conditions
  • incorporate Yoga/Vedic Philosophy, Chanting, Meditation, and Pranayama into private Yoga Therapy

Study with Master Yoga Therapists in Chennai, India

Yoga Therapy in India

Many students dream of going the source of Yoga in India to study under  living Yoga Masters. For 6 weeks, you will have the opportunity to study directly with DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar, and Viji Vasu from the Desikachar-Krishnamacharya lineage with whom Maggie Reagh has been studying regularly since 2001. These are Master Teachers, who studied directly under TKV Desikachar (Sri T. Krishnamacharya's son) for over 12 years and are, therefore, well known and respected by all senior teachers in our lineage today such as Gary Kraftsow, Larry Payne, Kate Holcombe, and Chase Bossart. DV Sridhar, in fact, completed his tenure at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) as Director of Yoga Studies, which was his role when Maggie met him in 2001.

Maggie will assist you in finding an accommodation close to Yoga Raksanam while you are in Chennai. You may choose to find other more suitable accommodations yourself. Prices range from $25-50 CAN per day for single or double accommodations where this price can be shared. In 2015, we found the Raj Grand Days our best option, a 10-minute walk from school. We have moved the India trip to January to February to avoid the monsoon season.