Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Program

Motivated by the Joy learning brings, you will gradually progress from basic to refined levels of understanding until you attain mastery. - Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, I-17

Because of the travel and in-person learning restrictions we are facing internationally as a result of COVID-19, YTI is considering making our next cohort's program last 3 years (2021-24) with some of our residential, in-person courses being moved to online synchronous/asynchronous delivery, starting in Summer, 2021, and our first in-person term being delayed until Summer, 2022. This would shorten the length of our two residential in-person terms in Vancouver, hopefully making them more accessible for all students around the globe to take. We would hope to be able to travel to South India for Term 2 in January, 2023, to keep that whole 6-week term, in-person with our Master Teachers. We will keep you informed via our website and newsletter as programming changes are made after the situation becomes clearer. Please sign up for our newsletter on our website for the latest updates.

Yoga Therapy International (YTI) has been a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance since 2009 and became one of the first Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Programs with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) in 2014. 

Not only do we train our therapists to have a deep understanding of the major approaches from the Krishnamacharya lineage of Yoga Therapy – Breath/Meditation/Chanting and Restorative/Alignment-Centred – but we also train our therapists to have a broad understanding of the major trends in current Yoga Therapy practice today, including Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Yoga for conditions including Scoliosis, Chronic Pain, Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, and Disabilities.

Maggie Reagh, the Founding Director of YTI, has been practicing and teaching Therapeutic Yoga for over 20 years.  She has trained 9 Therapeutic Yoga Teachers and 10 Yoga Therapists since starting her training program in 2009. Her latest cohort of 12 students began their program in 2017 and graduate with their CYT 1000 in 2019.

Her vision is to provide a high-quality, individualized, Yoga Therapy training that is steeped in tradition yet grounded in current practices and that fosters deep, lasting relationships in our global community of practitioners.

To understand what therapeutic yoga is, and to see Maggie's teaching style, watch this introductory video 

YTI Class Smiles What makes Yoga Therapy training at YTI unique?

Accredited IAYT Yoga Therapist Training Program: One of the first accredited programs in the world with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (CYT 1000)

Depth in Traditional Practices from India: Sri T. Krishnamacharya lineage – breath/meditation/chanting and restorative/alignment-centred

Breadth in Current Practices from the West: Major trends in current Yoga Therapy practice

Master Yoga Therapists from India: Study with Master Yoga Therapists from India, specialized in traditional Krishnamacharya-Desikachar Yoga practices

Intensive Format for Students from around the Globe: 10 weeks Vancouver, Canada - 6 weeks Chennai, India - 7 weeks Vancouver, Canada with at home practicums after intensive term

Small Class Sizes of only 10-12 Students: Small class sizes foster individualized learning and deeper relationships for a higher quality learning experience

Senior Yoga Therapists and Specialists from Vancouver: Be taught by real Yoga Therapists at work with real students with real conditions in one of the world’s thriving Yoga hubs, Vancouver, Canada

Practicums at Home Supported by Mentors and Faculty: Be supported at a distance by our Practicum Supervisor and Mentors at home as you transition into your career as a Yoga Therapist

Yoga Therapy Research: Learn how to conduct Yoga Therapy research during our Directed Studies Case Study Capstone Project, during the final phase of your training, mentored by Neil Pearson and Maggie Reagh

1000 Hours of Classes: 200 hours above the 800-hour IAYT minimum standard to allow for residential internships and our Directed Studies Case Study Capstone Project, fostering an experiential, thoughtful approach to learning and teaching

Only 34 Hours/Week during 3 On-Campus Intensive Terms: Evenings and weekends off to relax, study, and integrate learning at deeper levels, rather than cramming in too much material over a short period of time

Transfer Credits: RYT 500 students from other RYS schools to transfer 30-300 hours after a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) with Maggie Reagh. All transferred hours must be audited on campus during Term 1.

Accredited Yoga Therapy Training ClassStudents will develop the skills to...

  • Design and lead general Therapeutic Yoga group classes as well as private sessions, modifying for a wide range of physical-emotional conditions
  • Design and lead small Therapeutic Yoga group classes as well as private sessions, focussed on conditions ranging from Lower Back Pain to Disabilities
  • Design intake and assessment tools for both public and private Yoga Therapy classes
  • Modify practices using chairs and other props for small Therapeutic Yoga group classes as well as for private students, managing the symptoms of a wide range of physical-emotional conditions
  • Incorporate Restorative Yoga Therapeutics into small Therapeutic Yoga group classes and the private practice of Yoga Therapy
  • Incorporate Anatomy-Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Chanting, Meditation, and Pranayama into small Therapeutic Yoga group classes as well as private Yoga Therapy
  • Conduct basic Yoga Therapy research by reviewing current trends, conducting a case study, and demonstrating the results through a Capstone Paper

International students are encouraged to apply

You are welcome to study in Canada with a tourist visa for programs less than 6 months per calendar year.

Because of the weak Canadian dollar right now, international students can get a high quality Canadian education for about 20% less 

We are located in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood in East Vancouver close to North Vancouver and Burnaby. This is a residential area with many opportunities to rent rooms through Air BnB or Craig's List. Maggie will let you know if any of her students are renting rooms as well.

If English is not your first language, you must have an IELTS or equivalent of 6.0 with no less than 5.5 in any band as the program includes academic reading and writing, including Yoga Therapy research.

International students are not permitted to work while in Canada.

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Read the story of one of our CYT 1000 Graduates.

IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Program