Martha Carter BA, MFA, RYT - Scoliosis

Martha Carter, Scoliosis Specialist, BA, MFAMartha Carter, BA, MFA, RYT: As a professional dance artist, Martha loves exploring creative approaches to work with the body. As a scoliosis specialist, she applies this knowledge to her classes in Stretch, Yoga, and Dance for Backcare and Scoliosis. She is the founding director of the Twisted Outreach Project, a nonprofit service offering education, support, and community to anyone interested in learning more about this common and often uncomfortable condition.

Martha was a young and enthusiastic 11-year old dancer when she was diagnosed with a ‘C’ curve scoliosis, which required extreme Harrington Rod surgery, a year in a body cast, and the destruction of her dream to dance. But several years after her surgery, she found herself drawn back to the dance studio: she realized that movement was essential to keep her back mobile and healthy and was also an important way to express herself emotionally and artistically. Since 1985, she has worked primarily as a teacher and choreographer, creating dance, interdisciplinary performance and film works. Since 2009, she has been performing TWiSTED : SOLO a movement theatre piece that recounts her personal journey struggling to be a dancer with a twisted and fused spine.

In 2005, she started exploring yoga under the compassionate guidance of The Green Room's Alix Rodrigues who taught her patience and gentleness. Since then, Martha has trained intensively with acclaimed Yoga for Scoliosis and Senior Iyengar teacher Elise Browning Miller; Pilates for Scoliosis with Anita Seiz and Matthias Gustavsson in Vancouver; Alignment and The Asymmetric Body with Senior Iyengar Teacher Karin Stephan in Cambridge, Mass; Yoga for Scoliosis and Harrington Rods with Alison West and Deborah Wolk at the Yoga Union for Backcare and Scoliosis in NYC; Yoga Pranala and Self-Healing techniques with Linda Madani at One World Retreats in Bali, Indonesia. Martha is currently studying with Louie Ettling at The Yoga Space in Vancouver and is a registered Yoga Teacher.

As a specialist faculty member for YTI, Martha teaches about scoliosis.

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