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Legs & Feet


Zoom YT Class Supine Legs & Feet 1

Zoom YT Class Supine Legs & Feet 2

Zoom YT Class Supine Hips 1


Zoom YT Class Standing Legs & Feet 1

Zoom YT Class Standing Legs & Feet 2

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Life Without Limits: Adapted Yoga featuring Maggie Reagh at the CP Yoga event. CPABC's adapted yoga offers a safe, calm environment for people with physical disabilities to explore yoga in a non-competitive and supportive environment. The program also examines meditative breathing and movement. ·Info about how to join classes - ·YTI Resource for Movement Disorders - Download the associated document

Extended Side Angle for Scoliosis Workshop by Maggie Reagh for Yoga International's Anatomy and Yoga Therapy Conference

The Power of Yoga Therapy by Maggie Reagh for International Association of Yoga Therapists

Yoga Therapy International Promotional Video