Group Therapeutic Yoga

Inner Ashram Yoga Therapy Class

Therapeutic Yoga Group Classes

Relax & Energiz​e: Sundays 4-6pm

In this class, you will experience a mix of standing, seated and supine/prone poses that focus on flexibility, strength & relaxation. Expect to have some energy to do your Sunday evening chores yet sleep deeply Sunday night!

Fall Term – 8 Weeks: October 18 to December 16, 2018 
No Classes: 
November 11th


Overall Therapeutic Approach

For 8-10 weeks, we will do Therapeutic Yoga for healing the feet and legs, hips, lower back/core strength, upper back, arms, neck and shoulders, as well as the mind and emotions. Each topic will be addressed for 1-2 weeks at a time, with each topic building on the last for a whole person/whole body, integrated approach.

The Yoga asana-s (Yoga postures) are breath coordinated with movement and alignment-based, with breathing, chanting, visualization, and restorative practices integrated into all classes.

You will be asked to provide a self-assessment and registration form before the series begins each term to clarify individual therapeutic needs (see bottom of page). Maggie will track changes and progress throughout the term.

You are also encouraged to work with Maggie privately on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday afternoons to develop a home practice to deepen your experience.

Tuition Fees

  • All 8-week series cost $176 + 5% GST ($8.80) = $184.80
  • All 10-week series cost $220 + 5% GST ($11) = $231.00
  • The Free Summer Clinic Classes request only 100% attendance for the sake of the Yoga Therapist Trainees.
  • Please pay by cheque or e-transfer by the first day of classes
  • Bring a new student to class for a $20 discount
  • Take two classes per week for a $20 discount

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Yoga Therapy Questions for Client - Self Assessment 2015.pdf

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